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Authors: Larry Cooper and Jen Stone

The title of this book, Agile Value Delivery: Beyond the Numbers, recognizes that linear extrapolations from past successes—which may have been a successful formula in recent times—is no longer a practical guide for managers or workers in a post digital world. Simply stated, the digital revolution has thrust us suddenly and rapidly into in a new world with new rules. This book is a practical behavioral guide to those who want to master these new rules. (from our Forward by Rod Collins)

About the book
We decided to write this book to illustrate how Agile Practices, and more importantly Agile thinking, can be combined with those from Outcomes, Portfolio, Programme and Project Management to successfully and consistently deliver Value into Business Operations.

If you are a Portfolio, Programme or Project Manager and want to know which Agile practices would apply to your space then this book is for you. If you are on an Agile team and want to know how Portfolio, Programme or Project management need to change to support you then we’ve got you covered.

If you are in HR or Finance and are wondering how all this Agile stuff really affects you then you really need to read Chapters 2, 3 and 9. It’s not just a technical thing – it’s a cultural and a money thing.
If you still believe in waterfall and think best practices are awesome, check out Chapter 3 and be stunned. They’re far from awesome.

The website that will accompany the book. www.NextGenAgile.com, will provide additional collateral such as practice descriptions and how-to’s, tools, templates, articles, etc.
This is Release 1 of the book. We hope to do two additional releases in the next year.

See link for more information:   https://leanpub.com/agilevaluedelivery-beyondthenumbers

AXELOS will be launching ‘PRINCE2 Agile’ within a matter of weeks. But what’s in the new product? What will it look like? A large team has been working on this for over a year, and if you would like to be one of the first to get answers to those questions then why not attend this webinar and find out?

This webinar will be presented by Keith Richards, Lead Author and Chief Examiner for PRINCE2 Agile. This is an opportunity to learn about what is in the course and how you can benefit from PRINCE2 Agile.

This session will look at:
• Why combine PRINCE2 with agile?
• What are their respective strengths?
• Where are the two approaches complimentary?
• What are the challenges when combining the two?
• How do you address the common misconceptions of agile and PRINCE2?
• Why PRINCE2 is NOT a ‘traditional’ approach to project management?
• How do you create a culture where they can operate together?
• How do you incorporate Scrum and Kanban?
• Where does the Scrum Master and Product Owner fit in?
• What are the benefits? How will it help your organisation?
• What does the new training course and examination look like?

Currently, there are many concepts that are trying to address the need to manage agile in wider context, but is this reinventing the wheel? PRINCE2 is a proven project management approach and is an industry standard that supports the principles and processes that can take agile to greater heights.

Why not attend and see if PRINCE2 Agile addresses your needs when working in agile environments? You may be surprised by the outcome!

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